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Magi Sloth Candles - Scented Soy Candle, 9oz

Magi Sloth Candles - Scented Soy Candle, 9oz

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Settling in with a comfy blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and a really good book is almost the perfect experience. The only way to make it better is with a long lasting scented candle to really help you relax and get lost in the world of your new book! Magi Sloth Candles come in four different scents to not only get you feeling relaxed and comfy but will take you on a scent journey of discovery! 

Packed with immersive aromas, these scented candles come in 9oz glass jars and are made with a 100% natural soy wax blend, each candle features a 100% cotton wick with a burning time of 50-60 hours.

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